Quotations and contact

If you need a quote, write to us at info@chorreadoypinturaenpolvo.com indicating:

– a short summary of what you need done,

brand and model,

– exactly which parts are involved,

colour(s) of the parts (a general idea, it does not have to be exact),

– VERY IMPORTANT, you must enclose photographs showing the current condition and details (of the real item, not a photo of “one like it”),

– your telephone number; this is not essential, but if we have any questions or issues that need to be clarified, it will speed up the process

– your post code, if you require transport*..

*We will include transport to and from our facility in the price.


Telephone No: +34 943 199 544
Mobile: +34 622 329 487
Email: info@chorreadoypinturaenpolvo.com

Latitude 43.273819
Longitude -2.330399

Our workshop:
Polígono Industrial Itziar,
Parcela​ ​5,​ ​Subparcela 4, Nave 15
20829 Itziar – Deba